'Sorry it didn't show' - Andrew Little 'thoroughly enjoyed' being Labour leader

Andrew says he's "sorry it didn't show" how much he "thoroughly enjoyed" leading the Labour Party.

"It's been a fascinating year," he told Three's The Nation.

"It was a fascinating job in itself and what's happened has happened, I stand by every judgement I ever made about it and I'm thrilled that Labour is leading this new Government."

Mr Little stood down as leader of the Opposition only months before the 2017 General Election, as polls showed dwindling support for his party. He was replaced by Jacinda Ardern, who went on to become Prime Minister.

"If you look at what happened in Jacinda's leadership and what she was able to do within days of me stepping down, it gave an amazing boost to the Labour Party.

"She led a blinder of a campaign and she got us over the line."

The MP, now the Minister of Justice, Courts and Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, and also the minister responsible for the GCSB, NZSIS, and Pike River re-entry, says he's "assumed a lot more responsibilities" since stepping down.

"[I'm] thoroughly enjoying it.

"When I think about my role in anything, it's not all about me - I'm a part of a team.

"This Government is going to do amazing things."