Which NZ town will Jacinda Ardern spend Christmas in?

If you're in Gisborne this Christmas, stay on your best behaviour - there's a chance you might bump into the Prime Minister.

Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show on Monday she's heading east for the break. Her partner, fishing TV show host Clarke Gayford, is Gisborne born-and-bred.

"All the family is congregating. My parents are coming over to the in-laws'. It'll be great. All in one place - no travel for us," she told host Duncan Garner.

But calling it a break might be a stretch.

"I'll pretty much be on call. The job doesn't stop just because it's Christmas."

The AM Show team presented Ms Ardern with her first Christmas gift as Prime Minister - a signed mug.

Jacinda Ardern notices there's something missing from her Christmas gift from The AM Show.
Jacinda Ardern notices there's something missing from her Christmas gift from The AM Show. Photo credit: The AM Show

"It's about six bucks' worth, I think," said Garner.

"Is this personally signed? That's beautiful," replied Ms Ardern - who noticed sports presenter Mark Richardson hadn't signed it.

Ms Ardern and Richardson have clashed in the past. Richardson's no fan of the Labour Party, and he caused a firestorm in August when he said it was the New Zealand public's right to know her baby plans - less than 24 hours after she took leadership of the party.

A screenshot of the confrontation showing Ms Ardern waving her finger at Richardson went viral.

Jacinda Ardern
Jacinda Ardern tells Mark Richardson what's what. Photo credit: The AM Show

There's a mundane explanation however as to why he didn't sign the mug - he's at the cricket.

"If I left it here, would he put a personal message on there for me?" Ms Ardern asked.

"I'm not sure you'd want that one though, just quietly," replied newsreader Amanda Gillies.

"I'm happy to give him one of my stylised finger-pointing T-shirts as a gift," cracked the Prime Minister.