Why Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants $6b from the Govt

Phil Goff truly appreciates the simple things in life. This Christmas, all he wants is $6 billion. 

The Auckland Mayor appeared on The Nation's final broadcast of 2017 on Saturday when host Lisa Owen asked him what one present he'd like from the Labour Government.

"Very modest ask," he replied. "Probably $6 billion."

Mr Goff explained that this would go towards transport, housing, infrastructure and environmental efforts in the city.

"It's a big ask and governments don't have endless supplies of money, but I'm confident we'll work really well together to get what will be good for Auckland and for New Zealand.

"For New Zealand to succeed, Auckland's got to succeed, and we can't succeed if people can't afford to live there, and can't get around that city."

Ms Owen then challenged him with a tongue-in-cheek quick-fire round.

"You've got 10 seconds - a message to the children of Auckland here who might be concerned that Santa could be held up in congestion on the southern motorway - what is your message to them?" she asked.

Mr Goff's response was prompt: "I'd advise you to take the Waterview Tunnel, it's working quite well at the moment."