Ardern's child poverty law to be unveiled tomorrow

Details of Jacinda Ardern's child poverty reduction law will be released on Tuesday.

It's a key election promise and one of a handful of changes her Government will push through this week when Parliament resumes.

After a relatively cruisy day at Auckland's Laneway festival, on Tuesday the Prime Minister will get back to business to unveil a Bill that was a major part of Labour's 100-day plan.

The Bill is reportedly "very, very complex". Government departments will have to meet certain targets to reduce child poverty, and whether they succeed or not will be reported by the Treasury. 

The Prime Minister says this will ensure that child poverty remains a priority across all departments.

"The fact that we're going to have to report on how we're doing at the Budget will shape the way that we look at child-wellbeing issues every time we write a Budget," she said on Monday.

There's a whole tsunami of ideas coming through Parliament this week, including Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters' controversial 'waka-jumping' law that would ban MPs from staying on as independents if they leave their party.

Also having its first reading on Tuesday is the polarising medicinal cannabis reform law. It's reportedly a very conservative reform, which is why the Greens have their own Bill that will be debated on Wednesday.

The Pike River re-entry and an inquiry into state-care abuse will also be introduced this week, as well as the Government's overhaul of the Residential Tenancies Act, which could mean the end of letting fees.

All in all, the Government is in for a very busy first week back.