Has Jacinda Ardern accidentally revealed the sex of her baby?

Has Jacinda Ardern accidentally revealed the sex of her baby?

The Prime Minister was speaking to More FM on Monday morning about being followed around by the Diplomatic Protection Service, and how that would work - when she may have let her secret slip.

"I have no doubt I'll be hauling her round the country, so it'll be hard to hide," she told More FM Breakfast hosts Jmac, Sam, Bondy and Speedy.

Or did she? She might have said "hauling around". Opinion in the Newshub newsroom was split, slightly leaning towards "her".

If that's the case, Ms Ardern may have lost a bet with her partner Clarke Gayford.

"I think we've made a mistake in knowing [the sex of the baby], because both of us are taking bets now on who's going to stuff it up," she said earlier in the interview.

A spokesman for Ms Ardern told Newshub she wouldn't be commenting on the baby's sex at this stage.

The first couple's baby, whatever the sex, is due in June. Ms Ardern's only planning to take six weeks off, with Winston Peters stepping in as Acting Prime Minister.

While her work duties might be covered, she's still figuring out how to keep things running smoothly at home - and when she'll fit in antenatal classes, being a first-time mother.

"We have talked about this a little bit - finding the time right now would be quite difficult. I have queried whether or not Clarke could do it for me and give me a quick executive summary, a few bullet points after each class."

They're also yet to decide on whose last name the baby will take - Ms Ardern and Mr Gayford aren't married, and even if they were, it's not clear who would take who's name if either did at all.

"I think Gayford-Ardern, Ardern-Gayford, it just becomes a bit of a mouthful," said Ms Ardern. "We'll find a way to put both in I think, somehow, without making it too complicated."