Jacinda Ardern not eligible for paid parental leave

One of the first actions taken by the Labour-led Government was to extend paid parental leave (PPL) - but Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern won't be eligible for her own extension.

Ms Ardern announced her pregnancy on Friday, saying the child is due in June.

As an elected official, Ms Ardern is not eligible for paid parental leave. 

The office of the Prime Minister has confirmed Ms Ardern won't be taking paid parental leave, and neither will her partner Clarke Gayford, who will be the stay-at-home dad.

While Ms Ardern takes six weeks of leave, there is no mechanism for her pay to be deducted, Ms Ardern's office said.

"She'll be making a plan around this," a spokesperson said.

During those six weeks, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will step into the role of Acting Prime Minister.

The Government's Bill increasing paid parental leave to 22 weeks from July next year and to 26 weeks from July 2020 passed late last year.

The scheme kicks in on July 1, 2018.