Jacinda Ardern opens up about her excitement for motherhood

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner Clarke Gayford have opened up to Three's The Project about their excitement and nerves for the upcoming journey of parenthood.

Speaking to Kanoa Lloyd Ms Ardern explained she's experiencing all the normal anxieties of prospective parents, but she's also very excited to be pregnant.

"I'm probably going through all the emotions that every mum goes through, there's nothing different about me in that respect," she said.

"Both the anxiety about wanting to do a really good job and being present as much as I would like to be but also just the excitement.

"I've always thought I would be [a mum], there was a bit of a question mark over that for a while so the fact that I'm going to have that chance is exciting."

Mr Gayford will be with her every step of the way though and he's planning to take the role of primary caregiver when his partner returns to Parliament.

He said he was pretty nervous about what was going to happen, but parenting was something he expected to have to learn a lot about as it happened.

"The sense of the unknown, it's something where I think you can read all the books you like, all of your friends give you all of the advice but until you're there, doing it," Mr Gayford said.

"It's going to be one of those things that you don't quite understand the full implications of until it's all hands to the pump."