PM promises little change to Government and Parliament following pregnancy announcement

Jacinda Ardern is preparing to look after her two babies, the country, and the one we've just found out about.

She plans to take just six weeks off, her job title then becoming Prime Minister and working mum.

"People have placed faith in me and given me a mandate so I have to make sure that I'm juggling both that new role and fulfilling my duty to New Zealand as well," she said.

Ms Ardern says the way Parliament runs will stay the same, and there'll be no change to how and where cabinet meets.

However her partner Clarke Gayford and the baby will travel alongside her.

"I don't know how the government cars will feel about have a baby seat in them though," she said.

Talk of Ms Ardern's family plans dominated last year's election campaign, now our Prime Minister is going to do both.

"I'm really excited for her and just wish her the best for her pregnancy," said one member of the public.

But some Kiwis aren't entirely convinced.

"I don't how it'd impact her job with all the time, and nursing and being pregnant with a baby," another person said.

Ms Ardern's message to them is simple.

"I have a lot of support around me," she said

"I'd say to those people, none of them detected I had pretty bad morning sickness for three months of establishing a government."

She understands it will take a village to raise her child and that includes her colleagues.

"I know the Labour caucus, what they're like everybody always offers help, whether that's to open a door, push the pram, take the baby," said Labour MP Willow-Jean Prime.

She would know, Ms Prime gave birth to her second child during last year's election campaign.

"We call ourselves the maternity wing because of course we've got Kiri-Tapu Allan and little baby Hiwa-i-Te-Rangi is frequently around but also Paul Eagle with his two year old," she said.

While Ms Ardern says nothing much will change when it comes to running the country, the only thing she could miss out on would be a seat at the royal wedding in May.

That is of course if an invitation finds its way to her letterbox.