Poll: Who should replace Bill English as National Party leader

Should the public get a say in who should be the next leader?
Should the public get a say in who should be the next leader? Photo credit: Newshub

Discussions are underway in the National Party over who should replace current leader Bill English - and Simon Bridges could be the big winner.

National MP Sarah Dowie told Newshub there's been "a bit of talk" about who would take over from Mr English as leader. Newshub political reporter Lloyd Burr says there's "no way" Mr English will lead the National Party into the next election, although his resignation isn't imminent.

Mr Bridges has already been tipped as the front-runner after a strong start to this parliamentary term. But while National MPs continue their "talk", who does the public think is ready to be leader of the Opposition?

Political commentator Trish Sherson says whoever takes over National will be in a strong place to overthrow Labour at the next election - and be the next Prime Minister.

"They have come straight out of Government and they have a very inexperienced new Government on their hands," she says.

"They know where all the bodies are buried; they know how the machinery works."