Charter schools board steps down in protest

  • 23/02/2018

None of the members of the Charter Schools Authorisation Board will make themselves available for reappointment on March 1, according to the former Education Minister, National MP Nikki Kaye.

The board vets applications for charter schools and supports those that are set up.

There are 11 operating now, but their future is uncertain under the new Government.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins has said he would prefer their contracts to end.

Ms Kaye said the board's decision wasn't surprising given Mr Hipkins' "appalling" treatment of charter schools.

The board was appointed by the previous Government and Ms Kaye said its members had made it clear they didn't want to have any part in dismantling the schools.

"The board believes that the interests of partnership school students and their families have not been taken into account by the Government, which is dead-set on shutting them down," she said.

The schools are state-funded but can set their own curriculum and don't have to hire registered teachers. They're designed to help students who are failing in the state system.

Charter schools are fiercely opposed by teacher unions The Ministry of Education is presently negotiating their transition to state integration, which allows them to keep their 'special character'.

They won't necessarily be shut down.

NZN / Newshub.