Greens leadership candidate Julie Anne Genter is pregnant

Potential new Green Party co-leader Julie Anne Genter has announced she is pregnant.

She announced her run for the party co-leadership just 10 days ago.

"Peter and I have some amazing news!" she wrote on Instagram.

"We're going to have get an extra seat for our bikes - we're expecting our first child in early August. We are so happy. 2018 is going to be an even bigger adventure!"

The Minister for Women included an image of a couple on bikes, with a baby riding in a seat behind mum.

"We're expecting our first child in early August. It's a bit exciting and unexpected," she told media on Sunday afternoon.

She will take three months off her parliamentary duties, but hopes to work a bit from home when her baby's six weeks old.

Ms Genter, 38, has previously had two miscarriages. In August she shared an "incredibly insensitive" email she received from a member of the public, blaming her miscarriages on fluoridation.

Ms Genter opened up to the New Zealand Women's Weekly in March last year about her two miscarriages.

"I'm quite a rational person and thought I could tell myself it simply wasn't meant to be, but I was surprised at how intensely powerful my emotions were," she told the magazine.

"It was upsetting and very sad."

Leadership bid

Ms Genter will still run for the party's co-leadership.

"We've had a previous co-leader while co-leader, so I think it's possible."

She is generally regarded as a pragmatic Green politician. She has a particular focus on public transport, wrote the medicinal cannabis Bill picked up by Chloe Swarbrick and has worked behind the scenes on party strategy for several years.

"This term is incredibly critical for the Green Party and it's a great opportunity for us being in Government, but also being outside Cabinet," Ms Genter told Newshub earlier this month.

"It's our first opportunity to deliver on issues we've been campaigning on for a really long time. It will be our first opportunity to campaign from a position of strength."

She will be up against Marama Davidson for the job, following Metiria Turei's resignation prior to the 2017 general election. James Shaw has been leading the party on his own since then.

The winner will be announced on April 8.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced her pregnancy in January.

"Clearly there's something in the water," said Ms Genter, saying her and Ms Ardern's simultaneous pregnancies were a coincidence.

"It's actually a bit sad that we've had to wait until 2018 for this to ever happen. It shows women our age have been underrepresented in politics and in Government."


Politicians took to social media to congratulate Ms Genter.

"Big congratulations to @JulieAnneGenter on her pregnancy!" her leadership rival Ms Davidson wrote on Twitter.

"Lovely we can share the news now she has announced publicly . Mamas and babies in Parliament is life. Aunty Marama ready for snuggles :)"

"Woo," wrote fellow Green MP Ms Swarbrick. "So excited for you and Peter. Looking forward to pēpi in our @NZGreens caucus."

Even Judith Collins, potential new National Party leader, had kind words for Ms Genter.

"My most sincere best wishes and congratulations to you! I am so happy for you. Keep going with Co-Leader. The Greens need you and you’re a good person."