'I stab from the front' - Judith Collins

  • 16/02/2018

National MP and party leader hopeful Judith Collins has spoken out about a call she got from a Labour supporter.

Ms Collins says she had a call to her Papakura electorate office on Friday from a woman who said: "stop backstabbing Jacinda".

Speaking about the call on Twitter, Ms Collins said: "No problem. I stab from the front," with a winking emoji.

Ms Collins appears to have adopted the hashtag #Stronganddecisive for her campaign to win National's top job.

She was the first person to put up their hand to be leader, and so far she is facing off against Simon Bridges and Amy Adams to replace Bill English.

In an interview with political reporter Jenna Lynch, Ms Collins said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is no ordinary candidate to face up against.

"This are extraordinary times and we need to take quite different steps than what everybody's going to be comfortable with. We're never going to out-Jacinda Jacinda," she said.