Judith Collins: 'We're never going to out-Jacinda Jacinda'

Judith Collins knows she is the National leadership candidate that comes with the most baggage - but she thinks that makes her stronger.

"You don't get to be resilient unless you've been through stuff, and I've been through a tough time, and I've had great times, but what I do know is this: I love a good fight and I'm up for it."

Collins was the first of three to officially confirm a run. She says she slept on it, woke up and threw it out there - a show of how decisive and upfront she can be.

"You're never going to come away from meeting with me wondering what I think."

She's just as upfront in delivering her message to the other candidates: "Get in behind me."

So why does Crusher Collins want the 'worst job in politics"?

"I've had worse jobs, and I've survived," she said.

Her first fight is to get the job but make no mistake, Collins knows what she's up against: The Ardern Effect.

"We're not up against an ordinary candidate in Jacinda Ardern… this is extraordinary times and we need to take quite different steps than what everybody's going to be comfortable with. We're never going to out-Jacinda Jacinda."

But will the public warm to her? Are we ready for Prime Minister Judith Collins?

"I think they would become ready for Prime Minister Judith Collins".


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