Judith Collins 'not contemplating' bid for National Party leadership

National Party leader Bill English's State of the Nation speech this week was overshadowed by rumours he was going to resign - and his caucus was already talking about who should replace him.

Appearing on The AM Show on Friday, Labour MP Phil Twyford and National MP Judith Collins discussed the speculation.

Ms Collins said she wasn't thinking about putting her hand up.

"It's not something I'm contemplating at all, actually, I'm just right behind the team," she told the show.

"There's nothing that hurts any political party more than disunity and I will not be part of any destabilisation."

National MP Sarah Dowie told Newshub there's been "a bit of talk" about who would take over from Mr English as leader.

Mr Twyford said that this speculation and the leaks to media were "unfair" to Mr English's leadership.

"I think it's unfair that people within the National Party caucus have been white-anting Paula [Bennett] and Bill by leaking information from within the caucus on the very day that Bill English was making his big speech," he argued.

However Ms Collins said she has full confidence in Mr English as a leader.

"I think he's done a great job," she says.

"I love the fact he's given me economic portfolios for the second time."

Newshub political reporter Lloyd Burr believes there's "no way" Mr English will lead the National Party into the next election, but doesn't think his resignation is imminent.

But Ms Collins says she is confident Mr English won't step down before then.

"I haven't seen any evidence of that other than obviously the commentary," she says.

"He's very determined to take out this particular coalition."