Judith Collins says she's the 'fun' National Party leadership candidate

The National Party is on the hunt for a new leader and Judith Collins insists she's the person for the job.

Judith 'Crusher' Collins told RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge she's not the status quo candidate.

"I'm the person who stirs up things and get things going, and who excites the base.

"With me there's a real sense of fun. It will be a hell of a ride and so much fun, and you'll enjoy every minute.

"My style of fun is slightly more gladiatorial."

In light of the recent pregnancy announcements from both Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Green Party co-leader candidate Julie Anne Genter, Ms Collins said it would be unlikely she'd get pregnant.

"It's possibly a little late, but I suppose I could have a miracle, and the baby could be called Miracle Collins Wong Tung. It'd be great.

"I might get a new puppy or something like that."

Ms Collins said she is "certainly" willing to take Ms Ardern on.

"I think Jacinda Ardern is utterly playing to her strengths. The Vogue shoots and all that. It's good for New Zealand. Good on her. She could be a fashion model, frankly.

"I'd go after some of her vote. Not the soft fluffy vote, the red meat. The working people, working in the panel beaters, who don't read Vogue, who go to work, pay their taxes, grind out their life, trying to buy a house."

Ms Collins' competition for National Party leadership so far includes Amy Adams and Simon Bridges.

When asked if this would be her last campaign for leadership, she said "only if I'm successful".

The caucus will vote on the National Party's new leader on February 27.