Julie Bishop says Australia is warming to new Government

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop is warming to the new government, after she scalded Jacinda Ardern for Labour's involvement in the Barnaby Joyce citizenship saga.

Ms Bishop says she has "moved on" and had a "delightful" dinner with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters last night.

"We had a delightful evening hosted by Mr Peters and it was an opportunity to discuss many things," Ms Bishop told Newshub.

That's a much different position than the one she held last August, when it was revealed Joyce was a citizen of New Zealand and Labour MP Chris Hipkins had had a hand in bringing that information to light.

"Should there be a change of Government, I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations designed to undermine the Government of Australia," she said at the time.

Newshub asked her if she now felt like she could trust this government, which garnered a chuckle from Mr Peters who was walking by her side.

"You will recall that the Prime Minister said at that time that the behaviour of her colleague was inappropriate and shouldn't have happened and I agreed with her and accepted that way back then so we've moved on."

The foreign ministers are having official talks on Waiheke Island today, and arrived on a private boat with a police escort in the pouring rain.

There was a minor mishap with the umbrella as the pair disembarked the boat - they worked together to fix it and Peters quipped about the Number 8 wire ingenuity of Kiwis.

"Australia and New Zealand are essential natural partners and we have so many issues in common," she said.

She said she looked forward to discussing a range of issues with Mr Peters, including regional issues, engagement in the Pacific and South-East issue and broader issues around terrorism and security around the globe.

Ms Bishop thanked Mr Peters for his warm hospitality.