Māori Party elects new executive team, sets sights on future

  • 18/02/2018

The Māori Party says it's in it for the long haul, in the wake of announcing a refreshed executive team.

Former co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell was elected co-vice president at the party's AGM in Rotorua this weekend alongside Kapua Smith.

New party president Che Wilson says they're setting up a 15-year plan "so that we are clear as to where we are going, and who we may build alliances with".

"That needs to come through a reflection and listening process," he told Newshub.

Mr Wilson says they're intending to get around the country, and hear people out.

"It feels like a groundswell is about to happen, and that's great. It gives me the confidence that yes, people do want a Māori voice in the political arena."

Getting back into the Beehive remains the party's priority.

"However, we don't need [to be in Parliament to be a political voice]. Because we're not in Parliament, this is our chance to tidy up our shop, to go out there on the ground and reconnect."

Mr Wilson says they're focusing on a plan that covers the next five political terms.

The Māori Party was ejected from Parliament at last year's election, getting just just 1.1 percent of the party vote and no seats. All seven of the party's Māori electorate candidates were beaten by Labour.