National open to working with Greens, NZ First - Simon Bridges

The election is years away, but the National Party's new leader is keeping all doors open when it comes to political allies.

Simon Bridges told The AM Show he's open to the idea of working with the Green Party.

"You've seen me say that I think actually there is a role for us in the environment.

"I do have problems with the fact that they're more than simply an environmental party - a lot of other stuff I disagree with, but on the environment we know... New Zealanders care passionately about this."

Mr Bridges also says New Zealand First would be unwise to not consider all of their options when the 2020 general election rolls around.

"You've obviously got a situation with NZ First where frankly, they left us, there's questions for them not us about where they stand with that.

"I think it would be a very limiting factor for them if at the next election all they're saying is they'll only go with Labour."

But Green Party leader James Shaw says Mr Bridges needs to back up his claims of being a self-described "blue-green" politician.

"I think if he wants to demonstrate that he is a leader for a new generation then he needs to represent the hopes and aspirations of his generation.

"And that is that we do want economic development but not at the expense of the environment."

In 2014 Mr Bridges signed off on National Government plans to double the area open to oil and gas exploration in New Zealand, which included some conservation land.

Mr Bridges admitted at the time he didn't know Victoria Forest Park, a 200,000 hectare Department of Conservation-owned area, was included in that plan.

Green Party co-leader at the time, Russel Norman, called it "callous disregard".

But Mr Shaw says Mr Bridges now has an opportunity to redefine the National Party to benefit the environment.

Mr Bridges says he knows the National Party is the "underdog" going into the next election.

"But what's also true is we've got the best opportunity."

Despite acknowledging there's "a bit of time to go", Mr Bridges will waste no time in reshuffling the National Party, hoping to move up some "fresh faces" within the next fortnight.

He would not say which politicians will have to make way for those changes.