National Party to undergo major reshuffle as 'fresh talent' moves up

  • 28/02/2018

A major reshuffle of the National Party means some veteran politicians will have to make way for "fresh talent".

Newly-appointed National leader Simon Bridges told The AM Show MPs can expect new faces to take on higher positions.

"We have some strong experience, we don't want to lose that. We've got strong economic credentials; people know we're the best managers in that area.

"But what's also true is we do need to bring through new, fresh talent."

Mr Bridges says some politicians will continue to have strong roles, but they might not be the same roles they're used to.

He was tight-lipped on whether Steven Joyce would keep his position as finance spokesperson.

"I've got to work through that and talk with colleagues.

"But if he wants a strong role in National he's got it.

"Steven, or course… is a guy whose got strong commercial credentials but he's also been our communications guy whose done a fantastic job in that."

Mr Bridges also commended Judith Collins' "huge amount of talent".

"She had a blinder of a performance through this campaign.

"She'd be a great attack dog."

A formal reshuffle will happen within the next fortnight.