Team Collins launches 'BackJudith' website

Supporters of National Party leadership contender Judith Collins have launched a website pleading MPs to back her for the top job.

It urges paid-up party members to sign a letter that will be sent to all 56 National Party MPs ahead of a secret ballot at next Tuesday's caucus meeting. 

The letter says the next leader should be "someone who can take on Jacinda Ardern - and win the 2020 election".

It has been signed by 336 people so far.

"The lesson from the early days of the Helen Clark Government - when our Party hugged the centre and saw the worse [sic] election defeat in our Party’s history - is that National cannot expect to be 'Labour-lite' and win the next election," the letter says.

It comes with a disclaimer that the website is in no way endorsed by the National Party formal hierarchy or Judith Collins.

A screengrab of the letter to MPs.
A screengrab of the letter to MPs. Photo credit: Screengrab

Those who created the page aren't named. All they say is that they're "a group of National Party members and supporters, who are backing Hon. Judith Collins to become the next leader of the National Party".

The letter also takes aim at both of Ms Collins' competitors Amy Adams and Simon Bridges, saying they don't have the skills to beat Labour.

"We need a leader who will get the cut through in the media and effectively hold Jacinda Ardern to account," it says.

"Amy Adams or Simon Bridges would struggle to get cut through and attention against Jacinda Ardern.  No one can 'out-Jacinda' Jacinda.

It finishes with a final plea to MPs.

"I believe Ms Collins is the best option for our Party - to deliver a victory in 2020 and deliver another strong, stable, National-led Government to lock in our economic success and stability".


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