The most useless suggestion Jacinda Ardern's probably ever had

It's been suggested Jacinda Ardern spice up Cabinet meetings by ending them with a pun.

An Official Information Act request sent to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) asked if she had ever ended a session with the phrase, "meeting arderned".

"The answer is no, but I have mentioned your inquiry to the Prime Minister who enjoyed hearing about it," secretary Michael Webster told New Zealand Initiative economist and researcher Sam Warburton, who shared the response on Twitter.

He says he got the idea from fellow Twitter user Tim George, who first proposed the question in January.

Mr Warburton sent the request through a form on the DPMC's website, and praised its quick response.

"I like that it's the Secretary answering this question rather than the Prime Minister. He answers 'no', then informs the PM of the question. No stuffing around: 'Do I know the answer? Yes. The answer is 'no'.' Good public servicing."

Mr Warburton's Twitter followers suggested follow-up questions, including "and if not, why not?" and told him to ask the same question next year, now the idea's been planted in the Prime Minister's head.

A previous pun on the Prime Minister's name, "Ardern up", was made into a T-shirt.

The 'Ardern Up' T-shirt.
The 'Ardern Up' T-shirt. Photo credit: Bold as Brass
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