Video: National leader Simon Bridges takes on Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in Parliament

National leader Simon Bridges took on the Prime Minister at Question Time on Tuesday afternoon for the first time in his new role.

Mr Bridges questioned Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about the Government's billion dollar regional development fund after the initial projects were announced on Friday.

After briefly congratulating him for his victory, Ms Ardern fired back at the new opposition leader.

Mr Bridges grilled the Prime Minister about which projects were actually new to her Government, which regions were being given special attention, and who had been selected to sit on the regional fund's advisory panel.

"Why has the Prime Minister set up a fund that gives the biggest dollop of cash to Winston Peters' home region of Northland, is advised by a private political donor to Shane Jones and David Parker, has a New Zealand First list candidate on the independent panel and deliberately has no assessment of its effectiveness until 2023?" he asked.

"Perhaps the member would like to talk about the bridges he was meant to have built," Ms Ardern said in response to questions about Northland.

"Is the new leader of the National Party telling Northland that they have no need for investment in infrastructure for their region? Because that is a disgraceful claim to make."

Watch the video to see the altercation in full.