Winston Peters continues legal action against Nats

  • 01/03/2018
Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.
Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters. Photo credit: Getty

The lawyer representing Winston Peters says he's continuing legal action against National Party politicians and staffers over the pre-election leak of his superannuation payments.

It was reported on Wednesday night that Mr Peters has dropped legal proceedings. But on Thursday morning, Mr Peters' lawyer clarified that while the first phase of the action is over, a pay-out from Mr Peters does not mean an agreement has been reached.

During the election, Newshub revealed Mr Peters had been mistakenly overpaid superannuation for seven years.

Mr Peters then launched legal action against former Prime Minister Bill English, National Party politicians Paula Bennett, Steven Joyce and Anne Tolley, as well as two journalists and two National Party staffers. 

Action against the two journalists has now been dropped.

Barrister Brian Henry says the pre-trial proceedings, the goal of which was to obtain documents, is now completed.

"That has now been resolved and under that process the party seeking the documents is required to pay the cost," Mr Henry said on RNZ.

He said the next step is damages proceedings.

He would not say how much Mr Peters paid. NZME reported he paid $10,000.

"I'm not taking issue with that sum, and I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with it," Mr Henry said.

Former National Party staffer Clark Hennessy said he's yet to see proof of further legal action.

"As I have maintained, I had nothing to do with this and his allegations are absurd. I haven't seen any proof of further legal action.

"I had hoped - and still hope - this matter was over," he told Newshub.