Ardern to discuss treatment of Kiwi prisoners in Australia

  • 02/03/2018

The treatment of Kiwis living across the Tasman will be discussed when the Prime Minister meets with her counterpart Malcolm Turnbull today.

Jacinda Ardern flew to Australia, along with her partner Clarke Gayford, five Government ministers and Foreign Minister Winston Peters on Thursday.

The quick trip across the ditch - they'll be there less than 24 hours - is part of the Australian-New Zealand Leadership Forum. One of the main topics will be the deportation of Kiwi criminals - some of whom have never called New Zealand home.

"Australia is well within their rights to do what they're doing," Jacinda Ardern said earlier this week.

"No one, I think, would argue that bringing someone back to New Zealand whose never stepped foot in this country lends itself to an easy process of reintegration and rehabilitation."

More than 1000 New Zealanders have been deported back here since 2015 under a law that cancels a person's visa if they spend a year in prison.

Other topics up for discussion will include North Korea, Kiwi rights in Australia and extending the mission in Iraq.