Australian cabinet Minister calls Jacinda Ardern 'Jessica' on live TV

A Cabinet Minister in Australia has made an embarrassing gaffe live on TV, referring to Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern as "Jessica".

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne was appearing on The Today Show alongside his labor counterpart Anthony Albanese for a regular segment, The Daily Mail reports.

Discussing the Prime Minister's visit to Australia, he stumbled on her name a couple of times before eventually settling on "Jessica".

Host Ben Fordham quickly reacted to the error, asking Mr Pyne if he really meant to call her by that name.

Mr Albanese made the confusion worse by suggesting Ms Ardern's name was actually "Jacinta".

After bemused looks from Mr Fordham and Mr Albanese Mr Pyne corrected himself but then proceeded to call the host by the wrong name shortly afterward.

During a discussion on rumours involving labor leader Bill Shorten Mr Pyne accidentally called Mr Fordham "Karl", confusing him for regular host Karl Stefanovic.

"I'm not Karl, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand isn't Jessica. Fair dinkum," Mr Fordham replied.

Mr Pyne quickly blamed the errors on the time of day.

"I'm having one of those mornings," Mr Pyne said, while Mr Albanese agreed the Liberal MP was "not good in the morning".


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