Bill English skateboards with dog, shows off post-politics life

Former Prime Minister Bill English is apparently enjoying his life after politics.

He left Parliament in February after spending 28 years as an MP and his time in Parliament was filled with intriguing moments on social media including showing off his 'walk-run' and an ill-fated spaghetti pizza.

Now Mr English has stepped it up a notch.

The National Party released a video on social media on Friday evening showing off Mr English's life after leaving Parliament.

In it, the 56-year-old shows off that he is indeed up with the kids, taking to a skateboard - accompanied by an incredibly talented border collie.

"You just never quite know what opportunities are going to come up," he says in the video.

Mr English appears clad in a white button-up shirt and dark denim jeans, with a pair of bright red sneakers - a marked difference from his usual parliamentary attire.

While his furry friend was on a full-sized longboard, Mr English appeared to be balancing on one designed for a child.

Both remained well balanced and do not fall off during the video - which was lucky, because neither were equipped with a helmet or other safety gear.

Mr English's peculiar hobbies have previously caught the attention of US comedian John Oliver, who savaged the then-Prime Minister after hearing that Mr English said he wasn't funny.