Charity urges MPs to back child poverty legislation

A children's charity is calling on the Government to quickly pass child poverty legislation.

Variety is sending open letters to MPs to show the widespread support the Child Poverty Reduction Bill has across the country. It contains the names of those in their electorate who have responded to the campaign.

Variety chief executive Lorraine Taylor says it's an issue people get behind.

"When we talk to our supporters about child poverty and what child poverty really looks like for an individual child, they are shocked."

Ms Taylor hopes as many Kiwis as possible sign the online letter.

"There's a sense that this can't possibly be happening in our country, and I feel there is public support for changing that and putting measures in place.

"The children of our country are our future, and we really need to look at ways we can give them a future."

In December, the Children's Commissioner credited charities with helping turn child poverty statistics around.

"For the first time the stats are coming down - slightly," Children's Commissioner Andrew Becroft told Three's Newshub Nation.

"It's a good basis for future work. But it's too early to say if it's a trend."

Twenty-seven percent of children still live in homes with incomes below 60 percent of the average, after housing costs.


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