Jacinda Ardern answers Kiwi kids' questions for Children's Day

Oranga Tamariki celebrated Children's Day by hosting Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for a special 'Kids Ask the PM' event on Sunday morning. 

The interview was conducted by young actor Julian Dennison, star of Taika Waititi's Hunt for the Wilderpeople and the upcoming Deadpool sequel, and saw Ms Ardern answering questions from Kiwi kids in a Facebook Live question-and-answer. 

Ms Ardern tackled questions on housing, transport, education, and environmental issues, and gave the young group encouraging words on their future endeavours. 

Asked by one child which school subject she'd found most helpful for becoming Prime Minister, Ms Ardern said that it was good to know "a little bit of everything", but emphasised the importance of questioning things for yourself.

"Everyone can memorise stuff but not everyone can think through a problem, and that's really important."

Another child asked what the most important thing she'd learnt as a child was. 

Ms Ardern responded with "kindness" - learning empathy, standing up to bullies, and treating each other well. 

With sage advice came an equal bout of fun questions. 

The kids learned that Ms Ardern's favourite princess is Moana, she hasn't eaten McDonald's since she became Prime Minister (but takeouts were a different story altogether), and that she'd learnt a bit of Japanese in school, but wishes she'd prioritised Te Reo earlier. 

"Now I'm trying to learn as an adult and I can tell you it's so much easier to learn when you're younger. Learn while you're young. Especially te ao Māori."


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