Jacinda Ardern welcomed to Niue by family, promises island $6 million

A special welcoming committee greeted the Prime Minister in Niue on Tuesday - and it wasn't the local dancers or a military band, but her entire family.

That wasn't the only surprise though - she had one in store for Niue too, totalling nearly $6 million.

New Zealand's High Commissioner to Niue came aboard the Prime Minister's plane and welcomed a special visitor - his daughter, who just so happens to be Jacinda Ardern.

Inside the terminal, another special welcome - a big hug from her niece and sister Louise too. They flew all the way to Niue from Europe, making it the first time in four years the family's been reunited.

The tiny Pacific island is Ms Ardern's second home - her mum and dad have been living there since 2014.

Ms Ardern came with an open wallet, pledging $5 million to build a solar electricity farm similar to one recently built by China's government.

"It will help Niue achieve its goal of becoming 80 percent renewable by 2025," she said.

On top of that is nearly $1 million to repair the island's roads - many aren't sealed, and the ones that are are full of potholes.

There are other projects that need money too, but Niue Premier Toke Talagi says Ms Ardern's injection today is ample.

Premier Talagi also wants Ms Ardern to change the superannuation restrictions currently applied to Niueans. As it stands, they are classed as NZ citizens, but not treated like them when it comes to pension entitlements.