NZ First website broken since November after someone moved a folder

A new website has been "coming soon" since late last year.
A new website has been "coming soon" since late last year. Photo credit: NZ First website/ screenshot

The New Zealand First website is still broken, four months after someone moved a folder, causing elements to disappear from pages.

The website is currently a simple splash page with an image promising a "new website coming soon".

That website has been "coming soon" since late last year.

It's been a frustration for journalists attempting to access party lists, historic releases and party policy.

All parties maintain their own websites using party funds, rather than Government resources.

The website appears to be built on NationBuilder, a website-building tool used by many political organisations.

Developer Tim Field says NationBuilder is "very easy and rather cheap" to use.

"It's not really rocket science these days to put together a basic site."

He says the length of time the website has been down for indicates the party's priorities.

"This is saying much more about the lack of importance they put on having a website, rather than the technical difficulty of creating one," Mr Field told Newshub.

Leader Winston Peters' office passed Newshub on to the party president for comment, who was contacted on Friday.

President Brent Catchpole has not yet responded but told Newshub in December the website went down when someone tried to update some of the MPs' information, reflecting the new Government. When they accidently caused elements to disappear from pages across the site, the party decided to revamp the whole website.

At the time, he insisted there were no issues with the party's funds.

Late last year, NZ First said a new website would be completed in early 2018.



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