Simon Bridges stokes fire after Phil Twyford, Judith Collins' war of words

Labour Housing Minister Phil Twyford and National's incoming housing and urban development spokesperson Judith Collins have resumed their rivalry.

The pair engaged in a war of words on Twitter in the lead-up to and immediately after Ms Collins was announced as Mr Twford's shadow minister in a significant National Party reshuffle on Sunday.

A tweet sent by National warned Mr Twyford that Ms Collins was "coming for [him]", an assertion that he immediately took an opportunity to mock.

"She can come for me if she likes, but I think it would be better if she was coming to get Kiwis into homes, something we didn't see much of over the last nine years," he wrote.

A normally fiery Ms Collins didn't choose to retort, instead asking Mr Twyford why he was "so miserable".

"Judith Collins - who could be better up against Phil Twyford?" asked Mr Bridges.

"Phil Twyford tonight is going to find it quite hard to sleep as he anticipates the challenge that he's going to have in an area where there's been big talk, but a pretty shambolic series of inactions.

"They are not going to fulfil [their KiwiBuild requirements] and we will hold them to account. Judith is the perfect person to do that job."

Mr Twyford and Ms Collins had previously engaged in a battle over Twitter, in which they argued about the merits of land value capture - an infrastructure funding method that Ms Collins described as "another tax".

Mr Twyford accused her of being willing to "rubbish your leader's legacy as Transport Minister" in the online fracas, prompting her to respond by claiming he was attempting to "spread the blame" for supposed poor decision-making.


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