The Labour MP who wants to be on Dancing With The Stars

Jamie Strange is a Labour list MP and former musician who wants to be on Dancing With The Stars.
Jamie Strange is a Labour list MP and former musician who wants to be on Dancing With The Stars. Photo credit: Supplied

An MP is trying his best to make it onto this year's season of Three's Dancing With The Stars. 

Jamie Strange, a Labour list MP, contacted MediaWorks on Sunday to express his desire to be included in the competition.

The seventh season of the popular series will be screened this year, and will be hosted by Dai Henwood and Sharyn Casey.

The only confirmed contestants so far are Real Housewives of Auckland star Gilda Kirkpatrick and ACT Party leader David Seymour.

Mr Strange is eager to add himself to the mix, citing his physical advantages. The Hamiltonian is a former musician which he hopes will give him an edge over other contestants. 

"I do have a natural sense of rhythm, keep fit and healthy, but have very little dancing experience!"

The 41-year-old father of four feels that the show needs more political balance. 

"Currently we have National and ACT represented. We need someone from the Labour Party."

Mr Strange was under the impression that several National MPs had been confirmed as contestants, but later discovered his information had been sourced from this satirical article.

Politicians and Dancing With The Stars have had a long, troubled history ever since Rodney Hide's ill-fated cha-cha in 2006. 

The sight of the former ACT leader decked out in yellow is one most New Zealanders will have trouble forgetting, and the moment he dropped his partner on her head remains one of the most iconic in TV history.

Other political figures who have graced the competition stage include Tim Shadbolt, Georgina Beyer and Michael Laws.

Presenter-turned-Labour MP Tamati Coffey won the fifth season in 2009, and Mr Strange says if he's accepted as a contestant he'll be leaning on his colleague for advice.

He's optimistic about his chances, both of being picked and of winning the entire competition.

"If David Seymour can do it, I'm sure I can give it a good go!"



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