Why Gareth Morgan wants you to give him your super payments

Gareth Morgan wants 100 other over-65s to give him their superannuation payments.

But the money's won't be spent on new toys for the millionaire founder of the Opportunities Party - he wants you to give it to spend it on the charity he runs.

"We have 20 percent of children in need of primary healthcare or GP services who are being denied access from our so-called public health service," Dr Morgan said on Saturday.

"The reasons are varied, but include some GP practices being unable to coordinate with patients who cannot afford to take time off work to make appointments. No prizes for guessing which income and ethnic groups are worst off."

Dr Morgan turned 65 recently, but as he's opposed to universal superannuation, decided to ask the public what he should do with his entitlement.

"It's a very special birthday, 65 - the golden age when all the benefits drop from the sky," he said. "I actually don't need anything, but from today I join that generation of people with their hand out, these wide-mouthed frogs who will take everything you give us."

One in 10 respondents to an online survey said he should accept the super payment, which works out to about $450 a week (before tax). Eighteen percent said not to.

But an "overwhelming" 72 percent said he should claim it, but do something good with it.

Dr Morgan plans to create a $3 million fund under the existing Morgan Foundation banner for "schools, kindergartens and other child caring organisations that are endeavouring to ensure children under their charge get timely help from primary healthcare providers".

"This is where the priority of taxpayer spending should be, solving the bottlenecks in primary healthcare for low income families - not on giving NZ Super to people who don't need it, that's just obscene."

He says he'll match dollar-for-dollar the first 100 superannuitants who donate their benefits to the charity.