Why Jacinda Ardern won't call Vladimir Putin about his Russian election win

Jacinda Ardern doesn't think Russia will be expecting a congratulatory message from New Zealand following Vladimir Putin's presidential election win.

"We often send letters acknowledging elections," the Prime Minister told The AM Show.

"I don't know... I'd have to check whether or not we do it every single time or I'd be constantly be signing letters to be honest.

"There are quite a few.

"But I don't think he'll be sitting at his desk waiting for a letter or phone call from New Zealand."

Ms Ardern says she "certainly noticed" the election outcome, which saw Mr Putin win with more than 75 percent of the vote on Monday (NZT).

Ms Ardern also noticed there was a "lower turnout rate than usual".

"It's fair to say that there [are] not many other contenders in the [Russian] election. I had the same thing in Mt Albert [electorate] and people had a lot to say about that."

Ms Ardern says she won't be calling Mr Putin.

"That's not usual.

"And I'd have to ask [the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade] for their protocol around letters.

"As I say, I'm not signing them out weekly and if we had that policy, I probably would be."


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