Young Labour alleged assault victim complained to Megan Woods

Senior Cabinet MP Megan Woods was contacted by a victim of an alleged sexual assault at a Young Labour camp who was unhappy with the way the incident was being handled, a press secretary has confirmed to Newshub.

The alleged victim contacted Dr Woods through a Facebook message on March 4 and did not have a personal relationship with the Minister.

As a result of the message, Dr Woods contacted Labour's General Secretary Andrew Kirton and, Newsroom reports, offers of counselling were extended.

Labour Cabinet Minister Megan Woods.
Labour Cabinet Minister Megan Woods. Photo credit: Supplied

A spokesperson for the Minister says Dr Woods asked him to contact the person.

"She then let the young person know that a party official would be in touch," the spokesperson said.

"Two hours later she heard from the General Secretary that he had been in touch with the young person and the situation was being handled appropriately."

The camp had been held almost a month prior to the offer of counselling - on February 9 to 11.

Four 16-year-olds were allegedly assaulted or harassed at the Young Labour Camp. A 20-year-old man allegedly put his hands down the pants of three of the young people.

Neither the parents of the young people nor the police or the Prime Minister were informed of the incident. Mr Kirton insists Labour was conducting a victim-led response, and the young people did not wish to have parents or police informed.