Auckland fuel tax 'not as good as I want' - Phil Goff

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff says the proposed regional fuel tax is "not as good" as he wants, but it will still make strides towards easing congestion around the city.

Auckland Council has voted in favour of holding a consultation for a regional fuel tax, after 15 councillors approved the motion on Monday afternoon.

The tax on petrol and diesel, of 11.5 cents per litre for 10 years maximum, is expected to raise about $150 million per year to fund transport infrastructure for Auckland.

"It's not as good as I want," Mr Goff told The AM Show on Tuesday.

"What I've got to get is the balance of what you guys want to pay extra for your petrol and what we need for the city.

"I won't be spending as much as I think we should be spending, but I won't be hammering the ratepayer anywhere near as much as would otherwise be the case."

However Mr Goff says it will still make a "major difference".

"It will ease congestion for public transport because there will be more buses on freeways," he says.

"It will hold congestion at about 2016 levels."

However the fuel tax could be dumped if National leader Simon Bridges wins the next election.

"Regional fuel taxes are unfair on New Zealanders. They are regressive, and hit poorer New Zealanders the hardest. The fuel taxes the Government has announced will leave a typical Auckland family around $700 a year out of pocket," Mr Bridges said on Monday morning.

"The regional fuel tax is simply punishing Aucklanders for the Government and the Council's lack of fiscal discipline."


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