Clare Curran urges Kiwis to change Facebook passwords after fake account starts up

Minister Clare Curran.
Minister Clare Curran. Photo credit: Anna Bracewell-Worrall/Newshub.

A politician who was targeted by a fake Facebook account is urging New Zealanders to change their passwords.

Digital Media Minister Clare Curran said a fake account using her identity "surfaced" this week.

But changing passwords has no effect on impersonation accounts - it is fairly easy to start up a Facebook account using someone else's name and photograph.

"I reported the issue and followed CERT [Computer emergency response team] NZ's advice, changed my Facebook password and upgraded my password protection,"  Ms Curran said.

"It's frightening to think someone is impersonating you online and CERT NZ is there to help people sort out issues and feel safe again online. Each report helps build a better understanding of the sorts of threats New Zealanders face online each day."

The politician last night posted on her Facebook page that she may have been hacked, TVNZ reports.

"If you get a friend request from me ignore it. Sorry I may have been hacked. First time for everything," she wrote.


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