Government at risk of suffering a death of 1000 cuts - PR expert Chris Galloway

A PR expert says the Government's reputation could decay with small issues building up.

He recommends the Government develop a simple, key message to create an overarching narrative.

Speaking on The AM Show on Monday morning, Massey University Senior Lecturer in PR Dr Chris Galloway said perception is everything.

"I think the Government is at political risk of suffering a death of 1000 cuts," he said.

"Whether it's justified or not, you've got the Clare Curran thing with Radio NZ, you've got Ron Mark choppering home... you've got all these little things... and reputation can decay".

Dr Galloway on The AM Show.
Dr Galloway on The AM Show. Photo credit: Newshub.

Dr Galloway said reputation is built up over time through the experience of trustworthiness, and said it's rare for it to be lost in a sudden event.

He said the Government is "lacking an overarching narrative".

"A big, overarching narrative... something that sums up the values of the Government in a single, memorable line."

"A key message needs to be simple, memorable and repeated," he said.

Duncan Garner suggested the key message could be "putting right the wrongs".

Dr Galloway had more PR advice for the Government.

He said a senior minister could be assigned to sorting out the mouldy buildings at Middlemore Hospital within a designated time frame, warning it's better to get "stuck in" rather than shifting blame when dealing with a crisis.

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