How to check whether your car is affected by the Takata recall

The Government has issued an immediate, compulsory recall of 50,000 vehicles across New Zealand fitted with faulty Alpha-type Takata airbags.

The recall was previously voluntary, but the majority of cars that need fixing were still fitted with faulty airbags.

Although Takata is a Japanese supplier, the recall affects makes from around the world, including some Volkswagen, Ferrari and BMW cars.

The Government has compiled a list from the Japanese government's website, showing models subject to the recall.

Look for your vehicle type here.  

If your car make, model and year pops up, your car manufacturer will contact you as soon as replacement parts are available. If you have questions, contact the local dealership or the manufacturer.

Millions of airbags supplied by Takata in Japan contain nitrate, which causes a small explosion, inflating the airbag. A flaw means they can fail in a crash, sending fragments of metal into occupants of the vehicle.

There have been no injuries or deaths as a result of the airbags in New Zealand, but 450,000 vehicles are known to be affected.