National might keep Labour's petrol tax hikes

National is opposed to the Government's fuel tax hikes, but won't promise to roll them back if it wins the 2020 election.

Fuel tax is expected to rise 10c a litre over the next three years, about the same rate per year as under National.

Legislation is also in progress to allow Auckland Council to implement a 10c tax on top of that, so the super city can pay for its ambitious transport plans.

Appearing on The AM Show on Monday, National leader Simon Bridges said growing surpluses mean there's no need for petrol tax hikes.

"If you do things well, you don't need to. I know, because I was Transport Minister."

In its nine years, National raised petrol taxes six times, usually by 3c. The previous Labour Government had promised a lower nationwide rate of increase - 1.5c a year - with a separate regional fuel tax for Auckland on top of that.

Simon Bridges.
Simon Bridges. Photo credit: The AM Show

While in Opposition, Labour attacked National over its petrol tax hikes.

"They're finding it hard enough to pay the bills now, let alone having to pay more for petrol to paper over the cracks in National's books," then-leader David Shearer said in 2012.

Mr Bridges said National wouldn't commit to reversing Labour's hikes, saying once they're in, it would be "too late" to take them away.


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