National MP Matt King copies ACT press release, takes out all reference to ACT

National Party MP Matt King has copy-pasted an ACT Party press release on his MP Facebook page, removing all mentions of - or credit to - the ACT Party.

The post details "six of [the Government's] worst policies." Posted without credit to the page under Mr King's name, it reads as though he wrote the post himself.

David Seymour's press release alongside Matt King's Facebook post.
David Seymour's press release alongside Matt King's Facebook post. Photo credit: Newshub.

David Seymour posted a screenshot of the beginning of the two posts, making his own meme about copying homework.

"Just change it up a bit so it doesn't look obvious you copied", he joked.

"Guilty as charged" was what Mr King had to say when Newshub called him.

"I did basically cut and paste it with a couple of changes. Everything he said is everything I agree with."

When Newshub suggested those changes might have included taking out all references to ACT, Mr King laughed.

"I took out the reference to ACT, yes. Someone commented saying 'Isn't this David Seymour's work?' And I said 'Yes.'"

"I personally agree with a lot of things David Seymour has to say… He has some really good things to say. Personally, I agree with a lot of things he has to say."

When asked whether he should have said where the words came from, Mr King didn't give an answer, instead asking, "Do you think I should have?"

"Those details could have come from a National Party PR as well. When I read it I thought they could have come from the National Party."