National MPs wear helmets to meeting after losing demolition derby bet

National MP Mark Mitchell has revealed his talent for driving like a hooligan and smashing into other cars.

Mr Mitchell and fellow MPs Alfred Ngaro and Denise Lee had a bet on who could stay on the track the longest in the demolition derby at Waikaraka Speedway at the weekend.

Despite a "small engine fire", the former Defence Minister Mr Mitchell was victorious in his automatic Nissan Sunny.

"I spent most of the time trying to tune up my radio, and when I looked up, for some reason I was in the top 10," Mr Mitchell said.

The three MPs at the speedway.
The three MPs at the speedway. Photo credit: Facebook/ Alfred Ngaro

Losers Mr Ngaro and Ms Lee had to do a "walk of shame" down the Opposition corridor, wearing helmets and t-shirts printed with the winner's likeness to the morning's caucus meeting.

Mr Mitchell said he was keen to return next year.

"I have a newfound respect for Nissan Sunnys," he said.

"My car was much smaller by the end of the night. I had a small engine fire. I did manage to get into the top 10 but then my wheel collapsed."

Ms Lee was also in a Nissan Sunny and Mr Ngaro was in a Holden Vectra that "looked the coolest".

Mr Mitchell is married to Peggy, widow of champion rally car driver Possum Bourne.

He wore a racing suit emblazoned with Possum Bourne's name.


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