Petition arrives at Parliament after 'terrible year' in cycling deaths

Empty green cycle track with bike lane sign
Photo credit: Getty

Roads are too dangerous for cyclists, say cycling advocates.

A petition asking the Government to build safer cycle infrastructure, set lower traffic speeds and better educate drivers and people on bikes has been taken to Parliament.

The petition calls on the Government to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries, and has been signed by 11,500 people.

Cycling Action Network said our roads kill us, with 2017 being a "terrible year" for bicycle deaths as 18 cyclists were killed.

Project Manager Patrick Morgan said the petition demonstrated there was strong tailwind for change.

Associate Minister for Transport Julie Anne Genter received the petition.

Ms Genter said Vision Zero, the goal of zero deaths and serious injuries on roads, was not rocket science and has proven to work in other countries.

She said the short amount of time in which signatures were gained showed the appetite New Zealanders have for improved cycle safety.

Ms Genter said change was a slow process, but it would be "entirely possible" to retro-fit separated cycleways and roads - and a lot could be achieved with more appropriate speed limits.

She said retro-fitting cycleways would be cheaper than what we are currently doing, as "all the space required for roads and parking is far more expensive than a more balanced transport system".