RNZ chiefs in front of select committee amid Hirschfeld scandal

  • 05/04/2018
Carol Hirschfeld, a senior RNZ manager, resigned last month.
Carol Hirschfeld, a senior RNZ manager, resigned last month. Photo credit: Getty

Radio New Zealand's chairman and chief executive are about to appear before a parliamentary committee to set the record straight about the meeting between Carol Hirschfeld and Clare Curran.

Ms Hirschfeld, a senior RNZ manager, resigned last month after admitting she misled chairman Richard Griffin and CEO Paul Thompson when she told them her meeting with the broadcasting minister in a Wellington cafe had been coincidental.

That caused them, in turn, to mislead a committee of MPs when they appeared for a routine annual review.

The meeting had been planned several weeks ahead, and caused a controversy because there shouldn't have been any contact between the minister and an RNZ manager.

Ms Curran was in hot water too, because she didn't at first disclose the meeting when she was asked parliamentary questions.

She later explained she had thought it was informal, and she didn't need to disclose it.

Ms Curran apologised to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who said it wasn't a sacking offence.

Mr Griffin and Mr Thompson have been recalled by the committee to explain the situation, and they're expected to be closely questioned by opposition MPs when they appear on Thursday morning.