EU puts up road block in diplomat rental stoush

The European Union will not be waiving immunity for a European diplomat at the centre of a tenancy dispute.

The Tenancy Tribunal ruled Eva Tvarozkova owed her landlords $14,000 in rent and damages to their Wellington property.

The ruling put the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFaT) in a tricky position - it advised the Tenancy Tribunal it should never have proceeded with the ruling because Ms Tvarzkova was entitled to automatic diplomatic immunity.

But since the ruling was made, MFaT made several requests to the European Union for immunity to be waived in this case.

The lawyer working for Ms Tvarozkova told NZME diplomatic immunity has "absolutely not" been waived in this case.

The Karaka, Wellington property was being rented for $1500 a week on a fixed-term three-year lease, the Tenancy Tribunal ruling said. Ms Tvarozkova left the property after eight months.

The Tribunal ruled Ms Tvarozkova owed $17,357 in rent, plus costs for damage to the property. The $6000 bond she had already paid reduced the final amount owing to $14,314.


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