'Let's drain the swamp' - Northcote candidate channels US President Donald Trump

'Let's drain the swamp' - Northcote candidate channels US President Donald Trump
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A candidate in the Northcote by-election is channelling US President Donald Trump to win votes, distributing flyers with a call to "drain the swamp".

Mr Trump used the phrase several times during his presidential campaign as a metaphor for ridding Washington of lobbyists.

Ms Koloni has been on the roll for the election at least since candidates were announced on May 15, but has only recently begun distributing orange flyers bearing the phrase.

According to the Electoral Commission Ms Koloni is technically running as an independent, but her advertising material all bears One Nation branding.

An Electoral Commission spokesperson told Newshub Ms Koloni can run as an independent even though she is associated with a brand.

"Anyone can stand as an independent candidate, even if they are associated or belong to a registered or unregistered party," the spokesperson said.

"Normal advertising standards and rules will apply to their campaign material."

Her brand, One Nation, is not a registered party, but she told Newshub if she gets the required 500 members, she may register it.

Although her One Nation branding appears very similar to Pauline Hanson's One Nation Australia party, Ms Koloni says it is not connected.

Ms Koloni had previously been part of the New Zealand First party, but drew derision from higher ups after controversial comments at a 2017 election event.

During her speech, which was streamed by the North Shore Times, Ms Koloni said, "No living people, black or white, are responsible for what other black or white people did many generations ago. New Zealand First is the only party that is colour blind."

She went on to say, "New Zealand First wants to scrap race-based policies. New Zealand First wants to scrap the Waitangi Tribunal. New Zealand First wants to remove Resource Management Act iwi clauses."

Party Leader Winston Peters didn't have much to say about her comments, telling media she was number 38 on the list for a reason.

It apperars Ms Koloni has since distanced herself from the party. The One Nation Facebook account has made several posts critical of Mr Peters and recent poll results that put New Zealand First below the 5 percent threshold.


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