Litterbugs face hefty fines under proposed law change

Litterbugs face hefty fines under proposed law change
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Litterbugs are set to face a maximum $1000 fine under a proposed law change.

National environment spokesperson Scott Simpson's Bill to bring in tougher penalties for illegal rubbish dumping has passed its first reading in Parliament.

It will now be considered by the Environment select committee.

"Nothing annoys me more than seeing our beautiful natural environment ruined by the careless and thoughtless actions of lazy litter bugs," Mr Simpson said.

"It's far too common to see people brazenly throwing litter from moving cars to say nothing of others who dump their rubbish."

If the Bill is successful, councils will be able to increase the maximum fine for those who are caught littering from $400 to $1000.

"Local councils and communities are constantly dealing with the mess left behind by those who would rather litter our countryside than dispose of their rubbish correctly. New Zealanders are rightly proud of our environment and while the overwhelming majority do the right thing, it is spoiled by those who refuse to," Mr Simpson said.

In Auckland, cleaning up litter costs almost $5 million a year. 


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