National tears into Labour for setting up 100 committees in 200 days

National is accusing the Government of wasting taxpayers' money on working groups - but Jacinda Ardern has challenged the Opposition to name one committee her party has established that isn't relevant.

The Opposition claims Labour has established 100 committees and reviews in its first 200 days - a new one every two days. National Party leader Simon Bridges says it costs roughly around a million dollars a group.

"The outsourcing by this Government of its obligation to lead is staggering," he says.

"Every second day since it was elected the Prime Minister and her colleagues have said they don't have the answers or a plan and they've asked someone else to do the job for them.

Mr Bridges says the longer Ardern and Peters are in power, "the worse it seems to gets" because a quarter of these 100 announcements have come in the last month.

"While Labour had almost a decade to come up with sensible policies, their manifesto promises such as Kiwibuild, are being found out for the light-on-detail fiscal guesstimates they are. They're a mess.

But Jacinda Ardern told The AM Show you'd be "hard pressed to find one bit of those things that aren't worthy pieces of work".

"Some of them actually haven't come from us - you know, things like the mental health review - that was something that the people asked us to do. Things like the enquiry into state abuse. That was something that those who suffered abuse for years lobbied around. Some of them are us coming and saying that piece of law hasn't worked and we need to fix it.

"This is just the work that Government departments come in and do on an everyday basis. We've just been very open about the work programme that we have."

But Mr Bridges told Newshub he believes the Labour/NZ First coalition "weren't ready to govern" - noting that National set up 39 working groups in the same timeframe after winning the 2008 election.

"They didn't do the hard work they were required to in opposition to get themselves ready for Government."


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