New Zealand First urged to stop Government prison reform

New Zealand First has been urged to stop the Government's reform of the justice system.

On Wednesday Newshub revealed that the three strikes law will be repealed in two weeks' time, and that Justice Minister Andrew Little will push for sentences shorter than two years to be served as home detention.

The law changes are an effort to urgently lower New Zealand's prison population due to "severe capacity pressures" - the current population is almost 10,800, projected to reach 13,400 by 2027.

Labour intends to reduce the prison population by 30 percent over the next 15 years.

National leader Simon Bridges says the reform is the wrong move for Kiwis.

"Probably the most important thing a Government can do is live up to its responsibility to New Zealanders, keeping New Zealanders safe."

He says he hopes New Zealand First will "see sense on this and vote against this Labour-Greens stuff".

"If they don't, frankly they're as bad and as soft on crime as Labour and the Greens."

The Government is also preparing to soften bail, sentencing and parole laws.

Documents obtained by Newshub Nation highlighted the extent of the prison overcrowding crisis, saying if big improvements aren't made in a year, there will be "a failure of the prison system".