Prime Minister will work until she goes into labour

Ms Ardern on the day she officially became Prime Minister.
Ms Ardern on the day she officially became Prime Minister. Photo credit: Getty/ file

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she will keep working right up until she goes into labour.

She and partner Clarke Gayford are expecting their first child on June 17, and Ms Ardern plans to work throughout the week before the child's birth.

"I've already made a few contingency plans to be able to keep going until I'm actually physically in labour, because why waste time?" she told Stuff on Tuesday.

After Ms Ardern has the baby she will take maternity leave for a six-week period, and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters will step up to be the Acting Prime Minister in her absence.  

Other Ministers will take care of her portfolios during her leave, and Ms Ardern will be fully contactable and available when needed during the six weeks.

When she returns to work she will resume all of her usual duties, and Mr Gayford will remain at home to be the child's primary caregiver.

The couple recently purchased a new home in Sandringham in anticipation of the child's arrival, with extra space to house family that will stay during Ms Ardern's leave period.

They have not revealed the child's gender, choosing to keep that between themselves amidst all of the public scrutiny.

Mr Gayford said people have been "overwhelmingly supportive" about his plan to be a stay-at-home dad, and he's been asking plenty of world leaders for their parenting advice.

"I've asked everyone from Obama to the royals. I can't reveal what they said, but it's all good common-sense stuff," he told The Telegraph in a recent interview.


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